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Slow Food USA Presents — Slow Meat 2015

Slow Meat is a movement that actualizes the culture of confinement issue and an event that brings together ranchers, farmers, butchers, chefs, eaters and more to share ideas on how we can turn the herd toward meat that is good, clean and fair for all.

Workshops with Purpose
A mix between curated presentations, small group discussions, and peer-to-peer learning will combine to engage the delegates in a holistic evaluation of the status of meat production and consumption.

Network Building
Slow Food thrives on the informal connections built by sharing good food, drink, and conversation. The Symposium will provide ample time and programming to stimulate discussion and connection within the delegation.

Ongoing Action
Identified intervention points that emerge from the Symposium will shape the ongoing Slow Meat campaign, through which Slow Food communities globally will be spurred to raise awareness and take local action.